This month marks the one year anniversary of Attention: People With Body Parts.

Last June, Lexie sent out her first email titled “WANTED: PEOPLE WITH BODY PARTS,” asking her friends and enemies to write a letter to one of of their body parts. This came through the realization that she could not work through her own body issues without other people having the space to do the same. The email continues, ” I am putting together a book of letters; letters to different parts of our bodies. The goal of the project is to depict how one person’s perception of his or her body ultimate affect how everyone self-constructs and self-destructs. Every movement has stories to go along with it.”

Over the course of the year, this personal project developed into a moving movement for body-positivity with an emphasis on identity, accessibility, and breaking down structure and narrative of what makes a body “positive.” 

Below is a growing timeline of where Attention: People With Body Parts has gone and where it will go, 

June 2012 - Lexie sent out the “WANTED: PEOPLE WITH BODY PARTS” email to encourage the people in her life to write to any part that moves them

July 2012 - Participants developed a list of activities and tricks that supported their writing process. 

August 2012 - Attention: People With Body Parts became a website to make the initiative more accessible (new version of the site will go up so soon!) 

September 2012 - The Attention: People With Body Parts Kickstarter campaign raised over $3,000

October 2012 - Lexie self-published Attention: People With Body Parts with more than forty letters collected throughout the summer. Copies now have homes in New Zealand, Australia, Hungary, Denmark, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, and Switzerland. 

November/December 2012 - More than fifty relevant activist circles, transition homes, support and empowerment groups, local bookstores, and other designated “safe-spaces” received a free copy of Attention: People With Body Parts

January 2013 - Lexie traveled to Rixensart, Belgium to work with folks seeking political asylum. There, she developed ideas for future workshops with an emphasis in writing and the arts. 

April 2013 - Attention: People With Body Parts appeared at the Clinton Global Initiative University conference in St. Louis, Missouri. Here, Lexie collaborated with other student activists and had opportunities to give copies of the 2012 book to global leaders, such as former US President Bill Clinton. 

-Attention: People With Body Parts hosted its first official showcase and workshop weekend, which gave space for participants of the project to explore how their pieces enter the public space through reading, dance, and visual art

May 2013 - Attention: People With Body Parts formed a team of rockstar women : Tails Williams, Art Coordinator to the Friends and Enemies; Yoshimi Brayne, PR-Marketing Director; Hannah Altman, Communities Coordinator; Lexi Gee, Social Media Champion

- Attention: People With Body Parts partnered with The Brainwash Project, a new Australian magazine for teens, to give folks the chance to have their letters published in future issues. 

June 2013 - We have commenced the Ohio Summer Workshop Series in partnership with Women Writing for (a) Change and the Firelands Association for the Visual Arts to host skill-shares in visual art, writing, and movement. 

-Lexie is conducting research on the accessibility of arts education in conjunction with Oberlin Community Services. This will aid in the development of future resource accessibility and public programming. 

-We have announced our upcoming book project in which we collect letters throughout the summer from survivors of domestic violence

-Oo! New shirts and stickers


-A new website!! Which will feature information on programming and collaboration and will be available in eight languages. The site also allow for collecting letters in the form of audio recordings, videos, writing, or visual art. 

-The development of a city-wide free dance day and skill-share and regular zine workshops in Oberlin, Ohio

-Pubic art events in Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Indonesia 

-An upcoming book made as a space for the voices of survivors of domestic violence; expected release in December 2013

-More workshops, skillshares, performances, etc!

-January 2014! A tour throughout the midwest and Canada, featuring collaborative work with local centers in solidarity with survivors of domestic violence, letters from the new book, and contact improv dancing. 

**have thoughts, dreams, an urge to collaborate, contact us at